A Little Misunderstanding

Let’s take our thoughts a little different direction today. I want you to take a moment to think about the last time you had an argument with someone special to you. What was the tipping point that caused you to lose your cool and really got the conversation heading in the “wrong direction?” ______________________________________________

Now, was it something that could have been prevented?

Was it a simple misunderstanding?

Or, maybe someone did not consider the perspective of the other person. Example: I love dandelions and think they are beautiful flowers… other people consider them weeds. This can be a cause of some serious conflict when it comes to yardwork!

Finally, was context considered? Were the previous conversations or interactions and events the other person experienced earlier that day that lead them to be in a certain mindset prior to the conversation?

Okay, you’ve identified the tipping point that lead you to argue. And now, you’re beginning to investigate the Continue reading

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“I Need a New Diet”

No! You do not need a new diet, or any diet, unless you are training for something specific  or if your doctor called your nutrition plan a “diet.” Personally, this word is horrendous and should not be used by anyone. If you are adjusting your “food plan” or nutritional intake for whatever reason, please refer to this as a lifestyle change and not a “diet.” The stigma and related psychological effects of being on a diet may be even worse than your previous food plan. So, please, entertain this thought for a while and talk about your nutrition, your lifestyle, your food choices… but please don’t talk about or think about your “diet.”

See this photo? This is what a market in Brazil looks like. It is filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. These foods are inexpensive and readily available for all to enjoy. There is not much talk of “dieting,” nor is there the obesity epidemic that we observe so easily in the U.S. If you’re looking for a new diet, Continue reading

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Oboe and Anxiety

Yes, performance anxiety can affect musicians in much the same way as it affects athletes. I’m proud to share with you our latest eBook where we investigate how performance anxiety affects an oboe player. We provide some strategies to help her cope with her anxiety so that her performance and enjoyment doesn’t suffer.

Goal-setting, Self-talk, Imagery, Improving Self-efficacy, Relaxation Techniques… Take a look and see how you can apply the suggestions to your own type of performance.

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Yes, Look Back

People often say, “Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.” I’m going to disagree. Yes, it is important to not dwell on past experiences or live with regret about how things could have been different based on different choices or situations of the past. However, it is also important to look back and appreciate the beauty of life itself. Take a deep breath and look back. Reflect on the choices, experiences, interactions, and situations that allowed us to become the people we are today, that allowed us to be living our current lives. It’s okay to look back and admire the beauty of our strength as we endured challenges and overcame obstacles. It’s okay to look back and be grateful for everything we’ve experienced.

This photo is a perfect example. We must focus on the road ahead of us. There is no doubt about it. But it is okay, even important, to take a peek in the mirrors and reflect on what’s behind us. Be mindful of the time spent looking at the past, however, because we need to remain focused on the road ahead.

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Mental Weakness or Cry For Help?

Are you mentally weak, or are you subconsciously asking for help? What about your athletes or your kids? Have you ever experienced that training session that was meant to be challenging, but you know it wasn’t too much to ask? It was within reach, but you stopped short of fulfilling expectations. Why did you stop? Did you give up? Do you think you are weak? Do you lack drive, motivation, grit? Is it a legitimate lack of mental strength, or is it a silent cry for help? Continue reading

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Live with Purpose

They all tell us to follow our hearts, pursue our passion, live our dreams, live with intention, find our purpose, etc. They all tell us that we need to work hard and take risks. They tell us to craft a life that makes us eager to get out of bed in the morning. They tell us to do what we love and we’ll never work a day in our lives. Well, how do we figure out what this is? How do we venture down the path of unknowns and hope to find our purpose in life? People are eager to tell us what to do, but they don’t tell us how to do it or what sacrifices we’ll need to make throughout our journey.

Inspiration is all around us. People. Experiences. Conversations. Nature. Books. Sometimes we need to think more than we feel. Other times we need to feel more than we think. Nobody tells us how to find the balance for this equation. Nobody tells us the answers. Life is about being adventurous, being confident, and having faith that we will eventually learn our purpose. We need to put aside our fears, worries, anxieties, and move forward in that fearless pursuit they talk about. Sometimes reality slaps us in the face and reminds us that we need to pay our bills along the way, but we’ll figure it out… eventually.

My inspiration: “Become the person you needed when you were younger.” More to come on this in future posts… for now, click HERE.

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NSCA National Conference 7/9/15- Mike Alstott (Keynote)

I’m happy to share my notes from Former NFL star Mike Alstott‘s presentation at the NSCA National Conference in Orlando, FL on July 9, 2015. These are my notes from his presentation. The following may or may not be his intended message:

Behind the scenes is where coaching starts. Passion. Spirit. Heart. Confidence. Leadership. Inspiration. Energy. Mentor. Coach. Trust. Rapport. Relationships. Commitment. Preparation.

Have a network, but more importantly, have a network of mentors.

Do the little things in a big way… make a positive, lasting impression so our athletes can carry that impact with them through their lives. Change lives.

“If I care, mentor, and teach them, I can help mold their development. Heart is at the center of coaching.”


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